January 2016 update – Progress!

In January:

  • We submitted a funding application to Sport England to help fund the Changing Rooms next to the MUGA.
  • We submitted an application to Awards for All to develop use of the hall via taster sessions, work with young people on the designs, run research visits to other halls and provide governance training.  The project will be run with Kilve and Holford village halls.
  • West Somerset Council approved the £400k allocation from the Stogursey Sports and Leisure fund.  In particular it was noted that there had been a very impressive 25% response rate. Members said they felt it was an excellent flagship project which would be of huge benefit to the community and a great legacy.

In December the Parish Council agreed that the proposals be funded by £400k from the Stogursey Sports and Leisure fund and £200k from the Stogursey CIM fund.

At the end of October the Victory Hall AGM the Management Committee voted, by a large majority, to accept the recommendations in the Feasibility Study Report and agreed that we should move onto the next stage of the project.

The feasibility study was completed last October.  The recommendation is to pursue the hybrid design consulted on in the summer.  The estimated cost is £2.4m and operating costs are likely to be c.£23k.

Over the summer we consulted on the preferred option for the future of Victory Hall.  Of 72 people stating a preference, 65 said they supported or strongly supported the proposals. There were a number of issues emerging, not least the impact upon neighbours and this lead to some amendments to the hybrid option.

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