Feasibility Study Process

  • Conduct an audit of existing facilities and current activities within the Parish
  • Consider within the audit any applications from the parish pending for funding*
  • Organise in partnership with the Councils consultation meetings / workshops with key partners in the Parish e.g. community, local clubs, volunteers / current providers of activities, youth groups, local councillors etc.
  • Develop a comprehensive map of existing and future provision based on all of the above
  • Advise on priorities as a result of the audit and consultation
  • Investigate any partnership/match funding opportunities and advise on possibleĀ applications
  • determine the likely level of volunteer support and fundraising that the community could deliver
  • make detailed proposals for the development of the Victory Hall and the land associated with it
  • provide site plans and outline building plans for the Victory Hall in sufficient detail to allow them to be put out to tender for an architect to design any buildings or changes to existing buildings
  • provide detailed cost estimates for the development of the Victory Hall site and buildings
  • demonstrate the sustainability of the development and identify potential sources of income

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