Where will the funding come from?

The Feasibility Study is being paid for by the Hinkley Point C (HPC) project which is hosted by Stogursey and the Parish benefits from ring-fenced funding secured via the Section 106 legal agreement relating to Site Preparation Works on the main HPC site.

How will the Victory Hall fit with other facilities in Stogursey?

The Councils have a joint ambition to develop community facilities in the village and see the Victory Hall site as a key part of this. There are other aspirations for facilities and the Councils would like, as part of this feasibility study, to understand whether or not those aspirations are deliverable on the Victory Hall site (assuming they are financially viable in the long term) or whether or not they would be best delivered elsewhere within the Parish.

Who currently uses the Victory Hall?

  • Football Club
  • Quantock Musical Theatre group
  • Short-mat bowls
  • Parish Council
  • Mums and todllers
  • Keep fit
  • Bingo
  • Youth Club
  • Line dancing
  • EDF consultation meetings
  • Police
  • Casual users include parties, meetings,
  • Farmers dinner dance
  • WI
  • There are also annual activities such as the duck race, flower show, various dinners etc. There is also a music festival held at the hall.

Who runs the Victory Hall?

The Victory Hall is managed by a the Trustees who are referred to as the Victory Hall Committee of Management.  The members of the Committee, who can total up to 26, include 13 representatives of local organisations.

The Trust was established by the conveyance of land and the village hall from the Baron St Audries to the trustees on 21 July 1953. Lady Gass, the heir to Baron St Audries, is the President.

The property is held “for the purpose of physical and mental training and recreations and social moral and intellectual development through the medium of a village hall reading and recreation rooms library lectures classes recreations and entertainments or otherwise as may be found expedient for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Stogursey”.

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